The Year 2021; What a Journey it Has Been.

The Year 2021; What a Journey it Has Been.

Grateful for the mountains we conquered. Think of the mountains you have climbed successfully,
and know that you will surmount whatever remains.

The year 2021 is bidding goodbye and you’re right, what a journey it has been. Yes, indeed, the year is ending, and we move into the new year, into 2022. But how has 2021 been for us individually, collectively? How have we fared as a family, a community, a nation? And how has the world at large coped this year? What mountains did we conquer?

No doubt, joy and sorrow are constantly knocking on the doors of humans on earth, and even animals go through happy and sad experiences. As a mom, what challenges did you go through this year, and what joys did you experience? As a young person, how did your education go? How did you fare at work? And for those seeking a new job and better financial breakthroughs, were you able to achieve it this year?

Challenges of Covid-19 and Other Misfortunes

Since the advent of Covid-19, many families worldwide have suffered losses terrible losses. Some lost their spouse; some lost their children or relatives to covid. Some of us also lost our loved ones to other illnesses and other misfortunes such as car and plane crash. As the mother of the house who lost her husband or child, how have you been coping? No doubt it hasn’t been easy. The mountains seemed insurmountable. You may have found yourselves at a shallow level mentally and otherwise. I know it’s not an easy task to overcome grief and move on in the new, hard dispensation. But you have to move on. It would help if you choose to live and cope with the situation. It would help if you decided to be happy again, see the light, see hope, and experience peace again.

Some young people lost their parent/parents to Covid-19 or maybe a younger or older sibling. Some lost friends and relatives to natural disasters as can be witnessed from Indonesia, Philippines, the US to Germany this 2021. It has been challenging for you to process the trauma. No doubt, it can be challenging to process trauma. But you have to find ways to conquer your trauma to a reasonable extent. Then, you should see a path and groom your mind to be happy again, to love again, to fight for your recovery, and move on with life.

Coping with Crisis

As a mom, you struggled this year for your finances due to one reason or the other; children’s tuition, hospital bills, food bills, clothing, etc. You may need to look at starting a side business for extra income. It shouldn’t be something that may add to your stress. Instead, it would help if you planned it to cope with your main work. And if you’re out of a job, you should make more efforts to get a new job or start a new business; This will lessen the financial burdens on your shoulders. Remember, no matter how high the mountains of our problems may be, there must be a way out.

Maybe you’re a mom, and one of your children is going through a tough time and depressed by the situation. Pray to God for his Greatest help and seek professional help from suitable quarters. Know that you’re not alone; you have God even if you have no one else. He will guide and see you through the difficult times. You should seek professional help if your child or spouse is struggling with some issues in life. You should also seek professional help and follow the guidelines for recovery. Don’t die in silence; go all out and seek help.

Maybe you are a young person struggling with some challenges, Don’t suffer in silence. Acknowledging that you need help is the first step to recovery. Next, you meet the professionals who can help you recover fully. Finally, decide to become free from your inner problems as we move into the new year because peace of mind is one of the greatest assets one can have.


Love yourself;  Allow Yourself to heal.

Sometimes, life poses several crises that we may lose our stamina. We may be tempted to give up. It may be the loss of loved ones in succession; it may be illnesses; it may be a financial crisis; it may be another emotional crisis that threatens to take over our personality. But we must stop and revisit ourselves. We must allow ourselves to heal from the inside. We must let love, honesty, perseverance, care, and faith help us move on, help us heal.

Conquer Your Limitations

Remember the beautiful things that happened this year. Significant progress is being achieved every day in the medical world, from new vaccines to new treatment procedures. Many countries are working hard to provide for their citizens in the food industry despite global warming and natural disasters. In the fashion world, companies are not resting, and they are making sure you and I are well clothed. In-vehicle manufacturing, companies are working hard to see transport at our disposal. These things are encouraging. On a personal note, conquer the mountains within you, think of that illness you were able to beat this year, think of the recovery of your spouse or child or siblings or relatives. There’s always good news around us as well. Think of the Grace of God in your life despite the challenges, despite the troubles of life, think of the mountains you have climbed successfully, and know that you will surmount whatever remains.

In these trying times of covid, follow guidelines that will help stop the spread and avail yourself of the medical help available. If you drive vehicles, make sure your car is in good condition and follow the road regulations to prevent mishaps. Don’t allow youthful exuberance to cloud your sense of direction or alertness if you’re a young person.

Life Is Good; Live It To The Fullest

As we journey to the close of 2021 and a new journey starts from 2022, let us decide to be better, happier, more grateful, and favorable to life despite the challenges that may come our way. Life is good, and we must find ways to live it to the fullest. We must conquer our frailties; we must triumph over our misfortunes, over our doubts. We must embrace love, truth, care, honesty, strength, and faith. We must assume our success, too, and believe in the power of resilience.

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