Who Is Mj

Who Is Mj

Hi! I am MJ; I am here with One Mission!

To give you a Sanctuary where we can all belong and seek to achieve more in life while embracing our journey navigating motherhood and beyond.

MJ – The single mother, a woman leader, raised to a known family in the Philippines’ southern region, not just that MJ was elected as Mayor of the hometown; MJ is a daughter to a true leader and the wife of a Lanao Royalty. These three powerful aspects of my life have made me what I am today. Now, I have the vision to be a positive influence and a good vibes to mothers like me, mothers of varying status and levels in their journey, the many like me through my lifelong experience.

A Venue to share self-care practices and personal growth inspirations. Space where I can blog to inspire mothers and motivated women alike to be intentional in their motherhood and leadership journey. I’m committed to sharing my many years of experience as a mom, a woman leader, and an advocate as we embrace our journey of navigating motherhood and empowerment.

My Story

You see, you may think I may have the powerful roots, that I may have the most vital foundation. Still, I insist I am as ordinary as you are because these power sources have also been the source of my vulnerabilities. It has not even become a shield to the struggles, pain, and grief I have to embrace as I tread life from one stage to another.

To every mom who takes pride in motherhood as a career and calling in life, who accepts and invests so much effort to love and become an imperfect, loving mother (and grandmother, of course), I want to share that motherhood is leadership. It is not just about having a position or title to become a leader.

Ang Tunay na Nanay

Serving other moms with the lessons I learned from my own life. Being a mother, grandmother, a political leader, and a royal lady (In a Maranao Royal Family Structure)…..it sounds grand but not at all, as I have my cracks, brokenness, restrictions, and imperfections. Being royal is not all about vanity but more of responsibility in the clan. It was not a comfortable journey for me. I had my ups and downs and a share of heartbreaks and frustrations. I took some footsteps and missteps, yet here I am today.

To Journey with You

I want to continue helping other mommies to regain their happiness and strength in finding calm in the everyday. I want to remind you that your life is not ordinary. MOTHERING is the most EXTRAORDINARY thing in the world.

MJ strongly believes,

 “We mothers are the loving cradle of life.”

Let us stand for ourselves. Embrace life with courage, faith, hope, and love.

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