How To Make The Best Of Ramadan 2021

How To Make The Best Of Ramadan 2021

While many of us are in full- or partial lockdowns, let us make Ramadan 2021 a time for reflection. This is going to be a different experience from what we are accustomed to. We won’t be able to pray Taraweeh in the mosque, shop for Eid dresses, or invite friends and family for iftar. With all these changes, we will be spending a lot of time alone.

Why not use this time? Instead of complaining and feeling uncomfortable about this new format of Ramadan, let us make the most out of it. My dear, let me give you some ideas on how we can make the best out of this precious time we have. Precious it is because, from experience, I can tell you that Ramadan flies by – before you even realize it, it already slips by so quickly.

Simple Steps To Follow:

 Make The Best of Ramadan 2021

Now that you are not spending a lot of time in social engagements and commuting to and from other places, why not use all this extra time to concentrate on healing yourself, your Imaan, and your soul. We are working up our bodies all the time and providing them with fuel in the form of food and nutrition – but what about the soul? We are subjecting it to all kinds of pressures, diversions, sins, and whatnot. Doesn’t it need some fuel, slowing down, and time to heal?

This Ramadan, let us aim to heal our souls. Did I see a confused look on your face? No, you don’t need a bandage or massage cream to heal your inner self. All you need is willingness and focus. 

Here are some simple steps that will help you help your soul and get the most out of this Ramadan:

  • Slow down and unwind:

When we are running from one task to another, chasing deadlines, completing chores, and multitasking, we seldom pay any attention to our wellbeing. And, my dear, it is more important than you think to take care of yourself. I have some excellent resources for you to go through PLEASE READ.

  • Pray and Meditate:

Prayer and Meditation is the perfect way to get in direct contact with your creator and your inner self. It helps you to get rid of stress and see your life events from a whole new angle that you might not have considered before. Try it in Ramadan 2021 and see the wonders.

  • Reflect:

We all make extra effort to pray more, recite extra, and do other good deeds in Ramadan – which is incredible. But what we must additionally do is sit silently and reflect on our lives. See what we can improve to become a better person. Understand what’s the purpose of life and where I am failing. 

If you sit quietly with focused attention to reflect only, you will be surprised to notice things that haven’t crossed your mind earlier.

  • Note down actionable steps:

While you are meditating and reflecting, try to write down actionable steps. It could be grateful for the simple things in life, or like ‘smile more often, ‘let go of old grudges.’ It can be something that demands significant effort, like ‘exercise for an extra 30 minutes, ‘set aside money for the poor every week.

My lovely friends, I urge you to note them down because we feel motivated to do those things while we are in the moment. However, as soon as we return to our mundane, chaotic, and demanding lives, those things quickly slip from our minds.

Having a visual reminder in front of you will serve as a prompt to remember and do that thing. Alternately, set a reminder on your smartphone.

No matter what you decide to do or how often you want to do it, aim to set aside some time during Ramadan 2021 to reflect on what you can do better in your life. All the best and Happy Ramadan.


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