How To Teach Your Kids To Be Prepared For The Changing Times

How To Teach Your Kids To Be Prepared For The Changing Times

Something may be constant and happening with someone worldwide, but that may not be normal for a few years. Weather changes many times a year, but when a child does not know why you ask him to wear a sweater or stay indoors, summer turns into the rainy season.

Similarly, many things are happening and would continue to occur throughout the development year of our children. They will not understand on their own, and they seek help at every first feeling of change.

So how do we prepare our kids for the changing times? Being a mother and a grandmother, I have been through the stages where I know children may not be able to cope with changing times if they do not understand why. Being a mother, I had a set of crucial tricks that I always followed, and it helped.

Here are those key tips for all you beautiful mothers out there; I will start with the golden tip, and the rest you will be able to follow without much help needed.

However, do not hesitate to write to me if any of these doesn’t work for you. It’s also important to note that there are so many different ways, so, you can let me know what you do that helps.

Key Tip – Talk to your children

Dear mommy, make sure to develop a relationship with your children where they can talk about anything with you. Children go through many changes, but they still stay your little one regardless, physical, social circle, education environment changes, etc.
My advice is to talk to them through every change stage – communication is the key, My Ladies.

Listen to your children.

When I say communicate with them, Pretty mommy, it has to be two-way communication between ends. You have to make sure that you pay attention to the part they answer to your queries or share their feelings with you even without asking (that’s the better version trust me!).
They must feel your attention and involvement both to speak their heart out about any changes they are going through.

Develop a routine

We all can understand that wearing masks every time we were out in the market was a painful experience at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. How did we cope with that? We observed a routine of change. Yes, partly it was forced by authorities, but majorly, we developed this habit as a routine.
Take the same example and try to fit it in with any chance your child will witness. If it is schooling, start making them sit for 1,2 hours at home daily with books/toys in front of them.

That is all for now, and I can keep adding more. Before that, please allow me to share this with you.

My sister Doctor Ann wanted to make sure her daughter Zachy gets reliable information and the right guidance regarding coronavirus COVID-19. so she made sure she hears them from her. She shared that she talked to her daughter about the things that are happening and the things we need to do to keep people healthy and safe. Zachy understood so well that she thought of sharing what her mom taught her, and she made a Vlog on her YouTube Channel about it regularly and thoroughly cleaned her hands to protect her from germs, including the virus that may be on her hands.

Way to go, Mommy Doc. I am so proud of my niece Zachy, and I thought of sharing her Vlog.

WATCH: Please Click Here

I would like to hear from you how you are coping with all the restrictions and protocols, what strategies you have found helpful – share them with other moms and spread the love.

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