How To Self-Care During Pandemic That Will Help You Become ‘The Better You’

How To Self-Care During Pandemic That Will Help You Become ‘The Better You’

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us many things indeed. With all these challenges and changes that we are experiencing now with Covid-19, more and more people want to improve their lives; thus, Practicing self-care is more important than ever when it comes to your well-being. 

LOCKDOWN! MGCQ, GCQ, ECQ, etc. I remember when lockdowns first started around the country. There was so much panic moving around. Natakot ang mga tao na mawalan ng trabaho at nangamba sa kaligtasan ng pamilya dulot ng pandemic. Yes, people were scared for their lives and jobs. Mothers were frightened for their children. Then the lockdown stretched into weeks and finally months, bringing in new challenges like homeschooling our children and keeping them away from outside contact as much as possible.

Here comes the important question: did you have time for self-care during the lockdown? Did you have time for yourself? What about trips to the gym and even alone time? The truth is all these faded away as we became occupied with balancing our family and home during the pandemic. But now, it’s time to start a self-care routine: Huwag mag pabaya mga Mommies, importanteng alagaan din natin ang ating mga sarili. You’re allowed to take a breather once in a while and know when to tone it down a notch. It is easy to forget to care for yourself as a MOM, and this blog post will tell you that you shouldn’t neglect your self-care.

Here Are Some Self-Care Ideas for You To Consider

Let’s start by stepping away from constant updates on the number of cases. I fell for this as well, kagaya ng marami ako din ay sobrang nag alala. Humantong pa sa minsan ako ay nag panic na at maya’t maya ang pagtawag ko sa telepono sa aking mga kapatid. I always followed up on social media on the latest news about the coronavirus. I realized how much this increased my stress levels. All it did was create more panic as I watched the figures grow every day.

Keep a tab about what’s happening, but practice mindfulness as well; again, too much information can add to anxiety and stress. Take necessary breaks and let your mind relax by doing things you enjoy.  You don’t have to disregard news about fatalities and case counts entirely.  Still, you don’t get overwhelmed with the need to know everything. Limit your checks to a few times during the week and focus more on staying safe with your family members.

Life is already hard enough. Please don’t increase the pressure by trying to do it all. You may not be able to take a trip to the spa or salon for some relaxing time as before, but you can improvise. When the kids are in bed, that is the perfect time for a warm shower or a bubble bath. Even thinking about it right now is enough to get me diving into one. Release your tense muscles and steal away some private time by spending a few minutes in the shower while your kids are sleeping. Trust me; it works wonders.

Friendships can have a significant impact on your well-being. Good Friends are good for your health. Yes, sister, quality over quantity; although it is good to foster a solid friendship network, we must also nurture a few truly close friends who are sincere and will be there for you in good and bad times.

Exercising is excellent too. You don’t have to head to the gym, a simple jog around the neighborhood or meditate or yoga will help you get to an impressive fitness level, and it improves your mental health and mood. Kung kagaya mo naman ako na medyo ayaw sipagin sa pag exercise sa labas, ayos na ang mga work out videos sa YouTube. Remember, Mas ma-aalagaan natin ang mga mahal natin sa buhay kung tayo ay nasa mabuting kalagayan.

And most of especially, remember to pause; Pray, the need to break is a must to remind us that God is in control. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Prayers are a great source of putting your acts together and getting rid of anxiety, stress, and disbelief. Prayers can be your ally both in troubling times and good. How about meditate? Meditation helps me relax my body and mind and to connect to my inner self. Do you keep a journal? There are many ways to define what Journaling is. one is, Journaling is a safer way of expressing ourselves and releasing thoughts and feelings. Journaling reduces stress and regulates your emotions. Journaling is an amazingly helpful tool for self-care.

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These three powerful strength sources, pray, meditate, and Journaling, has always worked for me. Staying committed to self-care will help you stay healthy enough to be there for the special ones in your life. Remember to take care of yourself too!.

I’ll love to know what other steps you take to practice self-care in your home, so feel free to drop those comments.


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