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Sala’am and Hi,

I am MJ. I am one of you – a kind soul who has many relations to cherish. I am indeed one of you, but it’s ok to be not so fully one of you, right?

MJ is a daughter to a hero, wife to a Sultan, mother to amazing boys (still mommy’s boys), beautiful princesses, and Mom-in-law to the world’s three best girls. Sister to the most wonderful siblings I know. MJ still feels young, being the grandmother to a bunch of adorable angels.

I once was an elected Mayor of our town turned to an advocate these days.

One. Big. Mommy. A safe space where we can engage and discuss issues that matter to us. I want to share my journey with you and several tips to help you cope with our current reality.

One. Big. Mommy. A venue to share self-care and personal growth inspirations.

One. Big. Mommy. Is dedicated to motherhood and empowerment for us women. That’s YOU; it’s all about you, your glory, your glow, your romantic theme song, your gourmet flavor, your masterpiece, your strength, your struggles and hurdles, your loving arms, and your warm embrace.

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Happy Space For Amazing Women Seeking To Achieve More In Life

Work-life Balance

Life is moving fast; family, motherhood, career, relationship, health, wellness, financial, social issues…these are some of the important topics that reflect the issues that women and mothers worldwide deal with daily. It’s so common to find ourselves burnt out and overwhelmed by the task of looking out for our children and loved ones; Struggling to find balance in life, work, home, and other factors stacked against us.

Being a Single Mom

I’m all too familiar with this scenario. I have had my fears, frustrations, desires, tears, and joys while raising my lovely children. My parents were my heroes, guiding me through the journey. However, after I lost my husband and my mom a few years ago and my dad recently, I was hit by the magnitude of the loss that I feel alone sometimes. Then, I realized how lost many women feel, especially those who have had to do it all alone. It’s incredible to see how we keep pushing through it all, even with minimal support.

 Journey With You

You are not alone! This is the reason for this blog. This space is for mothers and motivated women alike out there seeking a sanctuary. This is a place to unwind and relax. A safe space where we can engage and discuss issues that matter to us. I want to share my journey with you and several tips to help you cope with our current reality. So, whether you’re a working woman, leading mom, young professional, single mommy, or stay-at-home mom, I welcome you to a new era of women empowerment. In this era, we can connect and reconnect now. We can initiate conversations, share, and talk freely about similar interests and motivation towards life.

Quest for Personal Growth

I’m super excited to get started on this as it has been a plan for quite some time, and now I have made up my mind to start. I thought long and hard about how we could work together to celebrate what makes us unique. Laugh about our happy moments and cry in overwhelming situations. Learn from others’ missteps and footsteps and build on our knowledge as women of power—practice self-care and mindfulness in the face of challenges. And celebrate what makes us UNIQUE.

I look forward to creating this magic with you. So join me, come along, and gather upon a lifelong journey, navigating life, motherhood, and beyond.

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Who Is Mj

Hi, I am MJ, I am here with One Mission!

To give you a Sanctuary where we can all belong and seek to achieve more in life while embracing our journey navigating motherhood and beyond.

MJ – The single mother, a woman leader, raised to a known family in the Philippines' southern region, not just that MJ was elected as Mayor of the hometown; MJ is a daughter to a true leader and wife to a Lanao Royalty. These three powerful aspects of my life have made me what I am today. Now, I have the vision to be a positive influence and a good vibes to mothers like me, mothers of varying status and levels in their journey, the many like me through my lifelong experience.

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What is One Big Mommy?

This is our SANCTUARYA SAFE SPACE for all amazing MOMMIES and WOMEN  WELCOME TO OUR SANCTUARY! Sala’am and Hi, I…

Who Is Mj

Hi! I am MJ; I am here with One Mission! To give you a Sanctuary where we can all belong and…

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