What I Would Give To Have A Day With My Father Again

What I Would Give To Have A Day With My Father Again

Blessed are those who have their dad.

Yes, I would give anything for just a day with my father again. I know this is a blog dedicated to mothers and women. I realized that this is the perfect time to remember my father. It is not easy to write a message to my father as I feel overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. Not a day passes by when I don’t feel the need to turn to him for some advice or words of comfort. Still, it’s a particular time for celebrating fathers. Indeed, every father is the best role model and a pillar of strength for his kids. Many of us have grown up to be amazing women and mothers, thanks to the support and guidance from the men in our lives.

A Day With My Father Again

So, this is to honor and commemorate those fathers and male figures in our lives. Personally, this is a time that gets me quite emotionally, especially as I lost my husband and dad recently. My kids couldn’t help remembering some things they used to do with them, even the ones my daughter does for her dad.
If you ask anyone who has lost their father, they would surely be willing to give away anything to have a day with their father again, or even if it is a minute. Every minute spent in the ever-loving company of your dad is worth it.
My father was the anchor who held the whole family together, and without him, I feel lost. Every day, I wish that he was next to me to ask him questions, seek his advice, find solace in his words of support and feel his love surrounding me from all sides.

An Ever- working Machine

Words are not enough to show gratitude for everything a father does for his family. He works day and night to provide the best amenities and comfort for his family.
No one can equate the efforts and sacrifices that a dad makes for his family.

A Loving Mentor

A father is not just a single person in your life. Indeed, he is worth more than a hundred masters. While a schoolmaster will equip you with lessons on reading and writing, your dad will give you sermons on every aspect of life.
While growing up, you may not realize those subtle lessons, but as you grow up, you see that a father leads by example becomes the best hero of every kid’s life.
Family. He bears all burdens without uttering a word of complaint or wavering in his strength during tough times.

A Dad Is Everything To His Daughter.

Although dad’s love is the same for his sons and daughters, it is universal that daughters feel closer to dads than sons do. My dear sisters, I can testify this as I believe that my father is my sanctuary, rock, and strongest fortress.

Miss You, Daddy!

However, as old as I am, I know it’s okay to admit that I miss my dad a lot. He was the most significant influence I had, especially with my drive towards public service. On this day, especially, I miss the great leader who left his noticeable footprints so that we can continue his legacy of love, peace, and leadership. I would give anything to have just a minute with him, my father, who was more than a thousand scholars, masters, and mentors.

He has set the moral compass for us to follow. He was a leader, my sanctuary, and my ultimate hero. I can’t recall any time that he was never just or fair. Despite deserving so much more for his service, he chose to live humbly and taught us the same lesson. But, there is no doubt about it; many of you out there would love to celebrate the fathers in their lives. And that’s okay. Cherish those moments you got to spend with them because time is fleeting.

Happy Father’s Day

Whether your dad is with you or far away, let him know that you cherish him with all your heart. Pray for him and let him know how special he is in your life.


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  • Posted June 29, 2021 3:12 am 0Likes
    by MamaDoc

    Indeed true.. I miss daddy everyday.. I miss them all everyday.. May Allah grant our parents who have passed on with the highest place in Jannah

    We love you Dadikulay, Papaokulay, Titokulay and Babakulay

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