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I am sharing this as a response to my three dearest MD sisters Dr. Dadz, Dr. Ann, and Dr. Harrah, to all of you, MOMS, out there for your unconditional love and taking care of everyone in the family during this COVID -19.
As our country continues to suffer through a pandemic; The basic approach to this would be a slow but sure bolstering of your immune systems through dietary and various lifestyle changes. It’s easier said than done (with me, it is always easy for me to say than doing it), but a determined change will help you in a long time.
Looking back at the sedentary lifestyle I used to lead myself, it is easy to determine why I would contract the flu at least once or twice every year. I’d consistently feel tired and worn out. Making a change in how I lived was difficult – it was uncomfortable and discomfiting. I am more confident about my physical and mental health now than I was even a year back. Here are the things I learned in my journey, which might help you in yours.

  1. Get Enough Sleep
    Your sleep schedule and immunity are closely interrelated. Not getting enough sleep (at least 7-8 hours daily) makes you more prone to contracting diseases. Rest is a very essential, rejuvenating, and regenerative body that builds up immune cells. If you have an unhealthy sleeping pattern, as I did, then start small.
    Start taking naps.
    Reduce screen time.
    Go to bed early.
    If possible, don’t use alarms. You’ll start seeing the effect yourself very soon.
  1. More Plant-Based Food
    I cut out on meat consumption, especially red meat, not a vegan or vegetarian here. Still, yes, I now invest in eating plant-based foods, to my mighty cousin Atty. Nonoh, thank you for inspiring us to eat healthily. My two big kids are meat lovers; the decision to buy more plant-based foods for our meals prompted a little protest from the ‘Army of Giants.‘ a.k.a The Kuyas Still, in the end, after a long talk and negotiation and with the help of the spokesperson of the house, my precious daughter Oquellan sa Masiu, Alhamdulillah, they welcomed the idea. I have to insist nuts, seeds, pulses, and vegetables are rich in nutrients that help them combat harmful micro-organisms. The fibers in vegetables feed your gut microbiome, which directly affects immunity. Minimize consumption of processed foods, and opt for an organic-based diet if possible.
  1. Probiotic Foods
    Besides fruits and vegetables, it’s essential to eat fermented or cultured foods that contain active probiotics. Some foods of this type can be yogurt, tofu, miso, kombucha, and pickles. I often take a probiotic supplement, but you should consult your doctor before doing that. Find out what works best for you, and start focusing on building a healthy eating habit with a balanced diet.
  1. Quit Smoking!
    It’s hard, Hindi madali, this I know because I used to smoke. Smoking can hurt your immune system badly. It reduces the levels of proactive antioxidants, like Vitamin C in the body, making you susceptible to diseases like pneumonia and the flu. The presence of tobacco in your body also leads to longer-lasting illnesses and significantly affects anti-bodies that help fight infections.
  1. Exercise
    “Easy and light-moderate exercise a few times a week will go a long way in boosting your immunity,” says my lovely Ate Bang, who has been trying to convince me to run and do the Zumba. Still, yours truly is lazy and scared to go out, so I am OK with exercise and dance workout videos on Youtube, sa mga Mommies na kagaya ko na medyo ayaw magsipag sa pag ehersisyo at takot sa labas or di kaya’y busy sa work, ayos na ang mga work out videos sa YouTube. While intense workouts are known to have the exact opposite effect, a brisk walk, light cardio, or cycling helps immune cells regenerate regularly.

Our beloved youngest brother Pam and his buddies recently added cycling to their list of activities, which I am so happy about. He says cycling helps decrease stress levels, increases stamina, strength, and improves joint mobility. It can be tough to find time between work and family, but you can try to get at least three days of a light jog or walk every week. It helps promote blood flow, which allows cells to move freely through the body. Exercising prevents long term chronic illness, heart issues, and reduces anxiety and depression.
Building your immunity is a slow process, and it takes a long time to have a sturdy, healthy immune system. However, it is important to start somewhere. A healthy diet, hydration, and an active lifestyle is the key to boosting your immunity. Start small, but start now.

If you like this post, Kindly, Say something, comment down below. More about health and wellness tips in the coming days.

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1 Comment

  • Posted March 19, 2021 11:22 am 0Likes
    by MamaDoc

    The most challenging for me is #5 Exercise..

    When I was still in my residency day.. I can work up to 36 hours straight during a toxic duty.. but when it comes to exercise.. just 30 minutes brisk walking can be too tough for me.. he3…

    But for the sake of my family and my lil princess I have to be healthy and strong so that I can be able to take care of them..

    Thank you ate Mommy MJ for the reminder.. Even as a Doctor sometime we forget to take care of ourselves too..

    Stay safe and Healthy always.. Hugs and kisses to the Big bulantes and baby Bulantes.. he3..

    Much love,


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